Become a Guardian Angel and Make a True Impact.

Thank you so much for making a difference in the lives of our wonderful dogs. Thanks to you, we're able to protect our resident sweethearts and find them their forever homes.

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    Bark Benefactor — Full sponsorship: food, vaccines, vet care, premises, caretakers$75.00/mo
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    Wayward Watchdog — Cover food, vaccines, and vet care$50.00/mo
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    Canine Chef — Cover food for your pup$25.00/mo
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    Doggie Defender — Cover flea / anti-parasite medication$10.00/mo
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    Paw Protector — Treats, leashes, or a new toy :)$5.00/mo

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* Please note that depending on an individual dog's age, medical needs, recency of arrival at our shelter, etc., the exact monthly costs vary from dog to dog. The sponsorship options you see above are estimates averaged across our whole D.O.G. family, and full sponsorship is based on our 30 dog capacity and the ~7000GEL it costs to run the shelter each month.

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I'm so grateful for the work that D.O.G. is doing, and it's a fantastic feeling knowing that I'm able to help care for these sweet dogs, even if I'm not yet in a position to be able to permanently adopt one.

Zach Swinehart
Enthusiastic Supporter